We asked our members the following survey question: “How has On Our Own Roanoke Valley changed your life?”

Here are some of their answers: “On Our Own gives me a place to talk about my problems to supportive people who understand. They have some of the same problems I have.” “I go to Blue Ridge and On Our Own, I learn to life on life’s terms. I have learned how to live without alcohol for me and my girls.”

“Because it is a comfortable atmosphere. It is a peaceful, quiet, and relaxed. The staff is knowledgeable, personable and they care about both members and visitors. (If I like it, it must be good!). It feels good to belong to something, to be a member in a place I feel that I fit in.”

“It has taught me better communication skills in working with other people.”

“It has helped me with things I have going on with my life. Helps me to stay clean. I have been able to come to meetings they have here. I can talk about things and get the things off my chest.”

“I have never had a sober place to come hang out and actually experience what sober fun is.”

“In many positive ways. By giving me a place to go and be with others like me with mental illnesses. I was a recluse before I came here and made friends. I feel like I belong at OOORV.”

“OOO has given me a brighter aspect on certain things by developing friends and support people and by offering different groups to attend.”

“I’ve been introduced to the DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous) and Peer Support groups. I’ve made friends and have been treated with respect and dignity. It is quiet and peaceful here and the staff is very professional, loving, and caring.”

“It is giving me the support I have been looking for for a while. The groups are great and the staff is very supportive. It gives me something to look forward to and brightens my day.”

“It give me a sense of purpose, helped me stay clean and sober for a year now. The groups have given me more confidence. The WRAP* class has given me a Tool Box to use to stay well. I have had some wonderful experiences. I have been a board member, a volunteer, and given the opportunity to hold CoDa** women’s group, and getting ready to go to CELT.*** I am hoping to go thru Peer Support Specialist training.”

“Two and a half years ago, I was experiencing major depression and was isolating. I found out about OOO and decided to go every day. I soon stopped isolating and got well! All of this because of all the love and acceptance from the staff and among the members.”

“Helped me understand life. Because I put the work in.”

“OOO is a chance to meet new people. OOO has helped me by having a listening ear for each other and we share like problems with respect.”

“I am a Veteran. On Our Own has let me talk about traumas in my past. The groups have given me positive affirmations that have helped me. And they have given me important information to talk with my doctors about. It has changed my life so much just being around people like me. I love being here. I even volunteer here on my days off.”

“On Our Own has changed my life in many ways. It makes me want to get up in the morning and I know when I come to OOO there is always someone who cares. OOO made me look at myself in a different manner.”

“I made good friends here and continue to do so. I took WRAP classes and developed my own recovery plan. I learned about a statewide organization called VOCAL**** and became the first regional representative for this area on their board of directors. The socialization, games, and other activities have enriched my life. I worked as a volunteer for On Our Own during my first year there. Later in October I was elected to the board of directors and now serve as their treasurer. I have learned a lot of coping skills through the Peer Support Groups. My self- confidence has grown tremendously since coming here.”

“I had the great experience of spending Thanksgiving Day 2015 at OOORV. The meal and the fellowship were beyond description-one of the best I’ve ever had. All of this because of the hard work of the staff. Due to my participation in three groups on a Thursday in late July 2015, all of my internal poison and venom has been removed.”

“On Our Own has provided a much needed social environment. There are people here who are working on their social skills also. I had social anxiety and the perfect solution is learning how to interact with people with consideration.”

“Most definitely for the better. It has given me a better sense of the fact that I am not my disease and a sense of dignity. It has boosted my confidence and self esteem and opened doors for me that I never thought possible and given me opportunities that I hope to use to promote a better understanding of mental illness. Through trainings and conferences I can now be a voice for mental health.”

* WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Plan

** CoDa – C0Dependents Anonymous

*** CELT – Consumer Empowerment Leadership Training

**** VOCAL – Virginia Organization of Consumers Asserting Leadership

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